Most people are a little apprehensive when visiting a new church.  I know I am.  The following pages contain information about the church on Somers Avenue and we hope it will relieve your apprehension.  The goal of those who lead this congregation is to foster the growth of a community of faith in Jesus Christ prepared to navigate the pathways of life.  And our approach is three-fold.

At Somers Avenue we are seeking a deeper relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ through intentional and heartfelt worship, relevant and life-applicable Bible study, and delivering God’s message of hope to the world.

At Somers Avenue we are sharing our lives by gathering to study God’s Word, gathering to worship, gathering to laugh together, and gathering to lean on one another during difficult times.

At Somers Avenue we are serving the needs of our community by engaging people in active participation, serving the physical needs of others, and providing spiritual guidance, support, and resources.

If you are looking for people who are seeking God’s truth through His holy word, who love to be together, and who are purposeful in being the hands and feet of Jesus in this world, then we invite you to come grow with us.  We hope to see you soon.

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