Would you like to enroll in a FREE Bible correspondence course?  We welcome your interest in the study of God’s word.

Studying the Bible is as easy as 1-2-3:

1.  Basic

Begin your study with the Basic Course.  Each individual lesson (8 total) is self-guided and comes with a postage-paid return envelope.  There will be no high-pressure approach.  We simply want to help you in your study. Request your FREE basic Bible correspondence course by mail.

2.  On-Line

You can supplement the Basic Course by following the link and you will be directed to our Searching for Truth webpage.  Here you can watch a 5-series video study and interact with an online workbook.  You may also submit any questions to us for further study.

3.  World Bible School

Along with the Basic Course you may also enroll in World Bible School online.  Your online study partner will be one of our members at Somers Avenue who will journey with you as you see the Bible’s message, increase your knowledge of God and Jesus, enrich your personal life, and build a firm foundation for yourself based on God’s word.  Enroll today.



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